Teaching and Consulting

I equally enjoy communicating with children, adults and educators and have a fondness towards working with people of diverse backgrounds. Through the trading of stories and ideas, I can gain insight into their values and interests whilst developing my own knowledge and appreciation based on their personal beliefs.

I relish the challenge of determining the learning preferences and needs of students so that an amicable bond can be formed and used to enhance the learning environment and relationship between student and teacher.

My ultimate goal as an educator is to inspire and support as many people as I can along the course of their learning journey. Whether the individual is off to a bumpy start or has already acquired an innate desire to build on their knowledge, my aim is to form a relationship that will allow me to have maximum impact in helping them achieve their goals—both determined or undetermined.

In 2015 I received a National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA) for increasing community engagement on Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory. In response to the award, I created a video titled Challenges Teachers Face in the 21st Century which was shared on the social media pages of Australia’s Education Minister, Simon Birmingham.

In 2017 I was contracted by the Foundation for Young Australians to develop the content for a teaching resource designed for The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) programme. The VCAL Teacher Toolkit has been downloaded over 1000 times and recently featured in HundrED‘s list of education innovations.

A fantastic short film by Casey Hawkins, a young Australian living in Japan teaching English. She raises important challenges/problems faced by both emerging and experienced teachers.

Simon Birmingham

Australia's Education Minister

Casey recognises the complexity of planning and delivering her lessons and spends a great deal of time working out how to integrate ICT, interpersonal, and visual and play-based elements.

AGS Australia

National Excellence in Teaching Awards

Well done Casey for making such an impact in the education community.

John Velegrinis

CEO of Australian Scholarships Group

...a treasured teacher in a remote part of the Northern Territory.

Green Cross Australia

Casey Hawkins has won second prize in the ACMF National Songwriting Competition…[Casey] should be extremely proud of the result and to have been selected by the highly esteemed panel of judges.

Australian Children’s Music Foundation

CEO Don Spencer
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